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Every time you review a TV show, movie, app, book, game, or website, you help another family make a better decision for their kids. All your comments, tips, and recommendations add to the combined wisdom of families everywhere as we strive to make our kids' media worlds entertaining, safe, and creative. So don't be shy! Share your experience!

At Common Sense Media, we believe in sanity, not censorship. We thrive on differences of experience and opinion. We want to be sure that our community remains a safe, helpful place for all parents and kids. To that end, we offer a few simple guidelines and tips for contributing to our site:

We are all responsible

  • We have a really big community of very diverse people. We can't monitor or verify everything posted by our members. Opinions and facts expressed in community reviews or comments are those of our contributors and don't necessarily reflect the views of Common Sense Media. Please bear in mind that all community information is the responsibility of those who post.
  • We trust that you are who you say you are. And to that end, it's up to you to make sure that we can verify your email address.
  • Remember, posts are public communications and visible to all our users. Also, your posts may be indexed by search engines.
  • Common Sense Media reserves the right to modify your remarks (which we would only do if profane or defamatory comments were made). We also reserve the right to delete posts or ban users if community guidelines are breached. While we have no obligation to delete comments that the community finds offensive, we have an active interest in having the community report back to us anything that members find objectionable.
  • Because we're always growing and changing, we reserve the right to change our guidelines as necessary.


  • We never share your private or personal information with other organizations or people without your prior written consent.
  • We also don't contact children 13 and under. We support the COPPA law.
  • We urge you to protect your own privacy by never giving your password, personal phone numbers, or addresses to anyone online. Remember that if you choose to use your email address as your username, you're responsible for any email you receive.
  • There's a part of our community that has agreed to give us feedback when requested. We won't share any private information with anyone else without your prior written consent. Your reviews and comments, however, will be available to other concerned community members.

Keeping a respectful community

  • We urge you to use a screen name that won't be considered by the community as offensive. In the interests of a healthy, vibrant, and respectful community, we will ask you to change any name that falls outside of these guidelines.
  • Please be who you say you are. If you pose as an expert and you aren't one, we will remove your posts.
  • Remember that your profile will be accessible by both adults and kids. We're a nonprofit, family-friendly site. Please only use appropriate images in your profile. Links to inappropriate material, commercial enterprises, and use of profanity will result in your profile being taken down immediately.
  • Conversation is the life-blood of the user experience, but we ask that all contributions be expressed with respect. We value diverse opinions and experiences, but we do ask that posts keep to the topic under discussion or to the media being reviewed. Remember that your comments and reviews will be visible to both adults and children. Anything off-topic or inappropriate will be removed. Any insults or direct attacks on a person or their views will mean immediate removal of your comments.
  • A safe community depends on you. Please flag any inappropriate content you find. Anything obscene, hateful, illegal, threatening, humiliating, libelous, defamatory, or objectionable (in our opinion) will be taken down.
  • We are an inclusive community. Posting anything that targets class, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, weight, or disability will result in immediate removal.
  • Please post only that which you have the right to publish. No violation of copyright is allowed.


We reserve the right to exclude anyone who violates our guidelines with or without notice.

Because of the size of our community, we can't monitor all posts on the site. If you see a message that you believe violates our guidelines, please contact us.