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The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens, 2021

March 9, 2022

Media use for tweens and teens has grown faster since the start of the pandemic than it has over the previous four years. Our new report uncovers the content behind all this media use, and the media activities they enjoy most.

The Role of Media During the Pandemic: Connection, Creativity, and Learning for Tweens and Teens

December 10, 2021

As the pandemic wears on, tweens and teens have relied on media to help them boost their moods, connect with friends, and learn new things. But they're also ready to return to a more "normal" media balance.

State of Kids' Privacy Report 2021

November 16, 2021

The Common Sense 2021 State of Kids' Privacy Report provides a comprehensive look at the privacy practices of hundreds of technology-related applications and services intended for kids and students.

The Inclusion Imperative

October 19, 2021

The Inclusion Imperative: Why Media Representation Matters for Kids' Ethnic-Racial Development reinforces how media representation is important to how kids build their understanding of both their own ethnic-racial group, and that of others.

Privacy of Streaming Apps and Devices: Watching TV That Watches Us

August 24, 2021

Streaming apps and devices have become a go-to for families to find entertaining, educational content for kids. But the top 10 streaming apps, as well as the top five streaming devices, are putting consumers' privacy at risk -- especially kids' privacy.

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